Business is booming.

In December 2019, Equinor signed a global deal with ABB


Equinor has signed a major framework agreement with ABB for its global oil and gas operations.

Under the new agreement, ABB will supply safety and automation systems for Equinor field projects and new fields around the world. ABB added that the deal has been going on for more than three decades of collaboration with Equinor.

“Thanks to our deep experience in the energy field, ABB has the unique opportunity to help Equinor extend the life of its existing installed base, covering 19 offshore and four onshore facilities around the world,” said Kevin Kososko, Managing Director of ABB Energy Industries. stated.

Equinor’s partnership with ABB also extends to technology development. Last month, ABB reported that Equinor, along with Total and Chevron, assisted in developing the world’s first subsea energy distribution and conversion system.

Equinor's new Aasta Hansteen platform