Business is booming.

Ericsson is gaining momentum in the market: what you need to know


Ericsson will strive to demonstrate strength as it approaches the next earnings report, which is expected by January 24, 2020.

In this report, analysts expect Ericsson to make $ 0.16 a share in earnings. This will mean annual growth of 277.78%. Meanwhile, the Zacks Consensus Estimate forecast for revenue predicts net sales of $ 6.95 billion, down 1.41% from the previous year.

Throughout the year, our Zacks consensus estimates forecast earnings of $ 0.44 per share and earnings of $ 23.34 billion, corresponding to a change of + 1366.67% and -5.04% respectively from the previous year.

Any recent changes in analyst ratings for Ericsson should also be noted by investors. These recent changes tend to reflect the evolution of short-term business trends. With this in mind, we can consider the positive changes in the assessment a sign of optimism regarding the company’s business prospects.

Starting from 1st position (strong purchase) to 5th (strong sale), the Zacks ranking system has a proven track record of external audits, and No. 1 shares have returned an average of + 25% annually since 1988. In the past 30 days, our EPS forecast was projected at the same level. Ericsson currently holds the rank of Sachs 3 (Hold).

As for his assessment, Ericsson maintains a forward P / E ratio of 20.09. This rating means a discount compared to the industry average forward P / E of 21.44.