Business is booming.

Mowi wants to merge Mowi ASA and K Strømmen Lakseoppdrett AS


Mowi Group of Companies is constantly striving to have the most suitable and efficient company structure for the Group companies, both organizationally and operatively.

The corporate structure at Mowi today is characterized by the result of several acquisitions and inherited corporate structures, and the Group is in a continuous process to simplify the structure of the company and reduce unnecessary costs and internal transactions.

As part of this process, the company wants to combine Mowi ASA and K Strømmen Lakseoppdrett AS to achieve a more streamlined corporate structure. During the merger, employees will continue their employment contracts without changes in the parent company. No changes will be made to salaries or other conditions for employees.

After the merger, K Strømmen Lakseoppdrett AS will be dissolved and its assets, rights and obligations will be transferred to Mowi ASA.