Business is booming.

New brands from Orkla: Grandiosa pizza; Bars Freaky, Hunky, Hero; cosmetics and chocolate


A number of new products are now on the shelves in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries:

“At Orkla, we see many innovative new products that make it easier for our consumers to make healthy, sustainable choices every day.” It’s very inspiring, says Nils Goller, Senior Vice President, Orkla Marketing & Innovation. “Another important trend is that some of our innovations are now spread across borders and implemented by Orkla in other domestic markets.

Plant-based Temptations

In Sweden, Anamma seduces with a stone-baked vegan pizza and PanPizza mini pizza in VegoTexmex and VegoVesuvio options, and Felix Veggie releases new delicious pies. Gothenburg’s Featured offers thin crunchy crispbread made from two different root crops, while OLW produces plant snacks; pop cheese and crispy, crunchy farm bean buns.

“After much success with lens and binocular chips, we are now continuing to develop healthier snacks made from new and exciting plant bases,” says Eric Nilsson, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks in Sweden.

Other news – fresh vegan vegetable buns from Danish beauvais. In Norway, TORO introduces its first climate-labeled products, and its favorite tomato soup, Bergen fish soup and cauliflower soup are now available gluten-free.

MeatFreeMonday Monday

Pizza is Grandiosa’s response to MeatFreeMonday and it’s even easier for most people to eat less meat. Monday Pizza is a colorful and seductive vegetable pizza that is launched in Norway. Vegetarian food from the Swedish Anamma line, which is available in several countries, is now also launched in Latvia.

Favorites in New Norske Smash Markets! has already become a favorite in Sweden and Denmark under the OLW and KiMs brands, and now offers larger bags. Panda introduces Bamsemums to Finnish consumers and also posts news about the Panda strawberry crisis, vegan and natural ingredients.

Maxim offers a new line of protein bars with names; Hero, Hankey and Nutty. Other Good News – Odense Marzipan Lacrides and Odense Marzipan Without Sugar

Healthy and delicious

On the breakfast shelf, Pauluns is seduced by a new look of soft granola:
– Nötsmörsbakad SOFT Müsli is a completely new Paulún taste sensation, full of health. Muslin is baked with rich protein nut butter and contains a large amount of nuts, fruits and berries that make it really healthy and healthy, says Helena Wallenin, Marketing Manager, Breakfast & Drinks, Orkla Foods Sweden

Müslien is available in two versions and is available in several countries in Norway under the Bare Bra brand. Other news is Paulun’s Gluten Supergranola. Swedish favorite Felix Tomatketchup without sugar, without added sugar or sweetener, is available in a reduced version (480 grams). Czech Vitana presents protein cereals and smoothies, as well as a series of chilled vegetable soups of different varieties.

Cleaner detergents

Norwegian OMO laundry detergent and Comfort (Summer Fresh) fabric softener are available in larger versions, in bottles of 100% recycled plastic. Other news on the washing shelf are triple doses of OMO, washing capsules, in a box of 20% recycled plastic. Raw from Define offers a moisturizing algae shampoo, conditioner and patient care, while Klar launches a wash for wool and silk.

This and some other product news is now on the shelves.