Business is booming.

Volvo Busec received an order for 157 buses for Gothenburg, Sweden


Volvo Buses has received the largest single order for electric buses in Europe. Starting 2020, Volvo Buses will supply Transdev with 157 electric articulated buses that will be used on several routes in Gothenburg. As a result, significant reductions in emissions and noise from vehicles are expected, so these buses can operate in ecologically sensitive areas and areas with special restrictions.

“We are very pleased that we managed to get the largest order for electric buses in Europe – at least 157 units. Volvo has pioneered the development of electric mobility and sustainable public transport. We have developed an integrated approach for transforming cities, covering vehicles, related services and the infrastructure of charging stations. We are focused on solutions that guarantee maximum reliability and a high level of service for both route operators and passengers. This large order confirms that electric buses are already recognized as a sustainable and financially viable solution to meet the needs of highly efficient public transport, ”comments Hokan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

“Today, Transdev is the leading European electric bus operator. We know the difficulties that may accompany the transition to electric traction. Therefore, we very carefully selected a partner who takes a holistic approach and can both provide buses and provide the necessary infrastructure for charging stations – just on time and with a guarantee of long uptime. And of course, we are particularly pleased that we chose Volvo as such a partner for working city buses in this company’s hometown of Gothenburg, ”said Gunnar Schön, Transdev’s CEO Sweden.

All of these buses will be represented by the new Volvo 7900 articulated electric model. It is capable of carrying up to 150 passengers, while consuming 80% less energy than similar diesel buses. Volvo’s articulated articulated buses combine high capacity with low maintenance. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, they will be recharged at fast charging stations located along the route using the industry-standard OppChargeTM interface. In addition to electric buses, the order includes 27 Euro-6 buses operating on biodiesel for regional transportation.

“For us, as a supplier of vehicles, it is very important to always be ready to offer our passengers excellent service and practical equipment, but it is also important to provide our drivers with a good working climate. New buses, in particular silent electric buses, will not only make cities cleaner, but will also improve the daily work environment, ”explains Gunnar Schön.

“Electric mobility creates interesting new opportunities for urban planning, because now we have a quiet public transport without exhausts that can be used closer to the dwellings of citizens. Volvo is committed to being a leader in the growing electrification of transport and partnering with cities that want long-term sustainable public transport solutions for their residents, ”concludes Hokan Agnevall.