Business is booming.

Volvo Group: Q3 2019


“In the third quarter of 2019, we increased sales, and profitability stably remains positive. Sales reached SEK 99 billion (compared to 92 billion in the previous period), operating profit increased to SEK 10.9 billion (compared to 10.2 billion), and operating margin amounted to 11.0% (in the previous period – 11.1%). Service revenues were stable this quarter due to the continued high level of activity and the use of the fleet by our customers. On the other hand, demand for new cars is declining and market conditions are becoming tougher for us, ”said Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO of the company.

  • In the third quarter of 2019, net sales increased by 7% and amounted to SEK 98.7 billion (compared with 92.3 billion in the previous period). Subject to exchange rate fluctuations, net sales increased by 2%.
  • Both adjusted and declared operating income amounted to SEK 10.885 billion (compared with 10.247 billion in the previous period), which corresponds to an operating margin of 11.0% (11.1% in the previous period).
  • Currency fluctuations had a positive impact on operating profit of SEK 1.273 billion.
  • Diluted earnings per share were SEK 3.67 (identical to the previous period).
  • Operating cash flow in the production segment amounted to 1.831 billion Swedish kronor (1.316 billion in the previous period).