Business is booming.

What is wrong with the US economy and the American dollar. Crisis 2020 – how it will end.


We will analyze why economic growth in the United States today has signs of a bubble, why it turns out, whether it can be prevented, how it will end for the US and other countries, and what will happen to the markets and the US currency.

American crisis 2020

Everything will be shown on very simple graphs and numbers that everyone can understand.

We will also analyze how it happened, the specific mechanisms of what is happening, the consequences for the markets, currencies, the economy and our welfare.

Here are a couple of simple graphs. The first chart shows that the production of real goods in the USA has not changed since 2008:

And this is chart number 2. Which says that the US population has grown by 10% over this period.

And imports do not compensate for this difference. Simply put, the real things in consumption for every American has become noticeably less. Consequently, people have become poorer.